It's been awhile since I have posted, and not for a lack of words, but more due to a lack of...umm....time.

Remember that elusive thing called "time?" I was talking to a student today who helps me with a program at my job, and she graduates tomorrow from the U with a degree in engineering. She has spent her time at school doing project after paper after project, and being busy roughly about 23 hours of the day. She was telling me how she just moved home, where she plans on living for roughly a year, and she has a job that starts in mid June, and she has NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH HER TIME. Yes, that's right, she goes home in the evening and sits and sleeps, and maybe hits up the gym - but then what? I mean seriously, we were talking about it is almost a form of depression because you go from being so busy to so....not.

And then I think about this thing called "time" and how I do not have any of it. I seriously barely am able to go to the bathroom by myself without hearing someone crying or looking for me (that's mostly my husband crying and looking for me...haha).

We are now venturing into the world of having 3 kiddos. I am truly in a stage of exhaustion that I never even knew existed. I'm growing another human, while trying to keep a 1.5 year old and 6.5 year old alive. I'm wiping butts, giving baths, reading board books, doing puzzles, sweeping the floor for the 100th time this week, and making sure I have enough snacks to last through a 3 hour track meet.

And now....we are adding another. In approximately 20 weeks another little baby will join our family, and I know, we are extremely blessed. But some days, I look at myself in the mirror - and I think of those parents who had more then 3 kids, or the lady I met at a party the other week who had 14 kids, and think - WHY WOULD ANYONE SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO THIS. I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW TIRED THEY WOULD BE. And then I remind myself how in the wild sometimes mothers eat their young, and I can totally understand why.

So here I am, in survival mode. If the toddler wants Oreo's for dinner, I say, give it to her, at least it is something? And if I can sneak in a peanut butter cracker, it is protein. I mean, poor baby #3 is probably just going to come out of my tummy and start eating french fries as his/her vegetable.

I continue to read posts about creating more time, or making a better schedule - Yada yada yada - and none of it is working for me, because let's be honest - doing those things would just take up more...you guessed it...time.

So here's to you, Mama's. I hope you get some extra "time" for yourself on Mother's day this weekend. But unfortunately...everything you neglected to do on Sunday, will be waiting for you on Monday.
My cute little kiddos - Easter 2017

(SIDE NOTE:  I know, there are some women and men out there who would do anything to have their time sucked down by kiddos needing to get to track, baseball, swimming, and loading up on diapers at Sam's. So please know, this is coming from me and my lack of...ummm..energy...and I truly am sorry you are not able to experience this. )


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