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New territory.

Every few days, since having a baby, I seem to go through this "how do I do everything that I want to do?" I usually cry erratically, have no desire to put my 5 month old down, and downright just want to hibernate! No, this is not postpartum depression, this is called "being a mom." Being a mom is incredibly rewarding, but it is also overwhelming, humbling, and messily wonderful.

My expectations have changed drastically (read - LOWERED) when it comes to myself and my house, but have risen in other aspects (sorry husband!). I have read article after article about how stay at home moms are jealous of us working moms, and the same vice versa. I can tell you, from my viewpoint as a working mom that I do not know how I can do it all.

My sense of cleanliness has plummeted. When I had my daughter I do not think my house was cleaned for about 2 months (ok...maybe more). I might clean a toilet here or there, or sweep the kitchen, but really cleaned? That was for the birds.