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Guilt. Alternate title: I never thought I would be this obsessed with poop.

What a week this has been. For the past week, my little miss ZoZo has had a gastroenteritis something fierce.  I took her into the doctor last Tuesday as she was also running a fever, and then again on Saturday morning after a few sleepless nights of tummy pains, diarrhea (should I even utter that online??) and diaper rash. She is eating and drinking like a champ, so we have that - and her disposition is generally happy.

But as I sit at work, I cannot help it but feel an extreme amount of guilt that I am not with her right now. My daycare is absolutely awesome. One of the teacher's sends me "snaps" during the day of Zoey, and keeps me updated if there is something that we are worried about. And right now, that worry is what is happening in that tummy and diaper of hers. I feel awful that daycare has to deal with all of her diapers, and that I am recommending new things to try. I wish I could just go and pick her up and take care of her and ultimately, just stay home with …