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It's been awhile since I have posted, and not for a lack of words, but more due to a lack of...umm....time.

Remember that elusive thing called "time?" I was talking to a student today who helps me with a program at my job, and she graduates tomorrow from the U with a degree in engineering. She has spent her time at school doing project after paper after project, and being busy roughly about 23 hours of the day. She was telling me how she just moved home, where she plans on living for roughly a year, and she has a job that starts in mid June, and she has NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH HER TIME. Yes, that's right, she goes home in the evening and sits and sleeps, and maybe hits up the gym - but then what? I mean seriously, we were talking about it is almost a form of depression because you go from being so busy to so....not.

And then I think about this thing called "time" and how I do not have any of it. I seriously barely am able to go to the bathroom by myself wit…

Mommy temper tantrum.

Today I want to have a temper tantrum. A good ol' fashioned lay on the floor, kick my legs, scream, and a stomp up the stairs. I want to slam my bedroom door, plop on my bed - face buried in my pillow - and cry.

I want to lay on the floor for the work it was to lug our winter jackets and all of the things from the pool area into the Family Locker Room after swimming (because mommy forgot the lock for the locker) with Zoey and Logan and there not being a changing room available in the locker room after swimming. For having to stand there with items in my arms, 1 year old running around and 6 year old trying to hug/carry his sister constantly and trying not to lose my cool while I stood there and waited. For the family that tried to budge in front of me that clearly got in the locker room AFTER ME and tried to take MY dressing room. Please, don't even.

I want to kick my legs up in the air and on the floor for the McDonald's drive thru when we stopped to get a healthy lunch aft…