Questions I have on being a mom.

What do you do when.... are driving with your one year old down the highway (Just you and her) and you are on your way to the doctor's office, and your daughter is coughing so hard and she throws up all over herself? And let's just say, she throws up curdled whole milk...and oh yeah, you pulled the extra set of clothes out of her diaper bag the other day because you wanted her to wear the cute baby "joggers." are out shopping with your one year old and you have to go the bathroom and you have no stroller, you can't bring the cart into the bathroom, and your daughter gets into everything? (do you have her sit in your lap when you go to the bathroom? I mean, were these restrooms designed by a MAN!?) stop at a gas station on your way to camping in Itasca, and you have to change the baby's diaper, so you get out the changing pad, put it on the floor of the dingy bathroom (that is surprisingly clean). Change her diaper, and then you have to go to the bathroom SUPER BAD, so you go, and your daughter walks around the bathroom TOUCHING EVERYTHING. You flush the toilet, she is intrigued by it, and then PUTS HER HAND IN THE TOILET (because, YAY, we love water!)!!!

...your son starts talking about John Cena and you have to describe who he is? And then he continues to make reference to him and he has no idea who he really is (please don't watch "Trainwreck") slam your child's arm in the door because you thought he was out of the way and he cries uncontrollably? (I heard offering a smoothie might help stop the tears?)

...your son sobs because he is looking through pictures on your phone from the past year and sees all the pictures of your daughter as an infant, and he is sad she is growing up and he can't carry her down the stairs? (which hypothetically the "carry down the stairs" part only happened once)

...your son asks you to make up a story as you are cuddling in bed with him? (Best characters to put in said story: Timmy, Goosey Goose, and Toadstool. Toad also likes Dr. Pepper. Goosey Goose broke his wing so likes to go on swings, and Timmy lives in the magical land of "Minnesota.")

I don't know either. I'm just asking for a friend.


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