New territory.

Every few days, since having a baby, I seem to go through this "how do I do everything that I want to do?" I usually cry erratically, have no desire to put my 5 month old down, and downright just want to hibernate! No, this is not postpartum depression, this is called "being a mom." Being a mom is incredibly rewarding, but it is also overwhelming, humbling, and messily wonderful.

My expectations have changed drastically (read - LOWERED) when it comes to myself and my house, but have risen in other aspects (sorry husband!). I have read article after article about how stay at home moms are jealous of us working moms, and the same vice versa. I can tell you, from my viewpoint as a working mom that I do not know how I can do it all.

My sense of cleanliness has plummeted. When I had my daughter I do not think my house was cleaned for about 2 months (ok...maybe more). I might clean a toilet here or there, or sweep the kitchen, but really cleaned? That was for the birds.

What I consider "health food" has definitely changed. Last night for supper, I had grandiose plans to make a Mediterranean diet meal (tilapia fish filets in whole wheat pita). Dinner instead became fish sticks, mac and cheese, and mixed vegetables. I consider throwing the mixed vegetables in with the meal as a "win" as at least there was a vegetable. And "fish sticks" since they are considered "fish" are healthy.

Being healthy also has meant not having a diet coke at noontime at lunch! That has been a major win!! Now I wait at least until 5pm. I mean, Whatever man.

It also means that instead of getting a latte with skim milk, I order a coffee instead (adding a little cream and sugar) - and order a large instead of a small or medium. I mean, I am really cutting back on the calories here!

What I'm trying to say is that with being a new mom (to not only a newborn but a 5 year old!) you just have to say "whatever" to a lot of things. Does everyone have clean clothes? Yep. I'm on my last pair of underwear though...Has the five year old showered in the past few days? You bet.Are your sheets seemingly clean? Still smell fresh (adds more febreeze for comfort)Has the floor been swept in the last week (or two)? Just some crumbs on the carpet under the 5-year old's spot...and if I wear slippers I can't feel the crumbs (puts slippers on) Is the baby fed? The five year old fed? Husband fed? Yepper! Did you remember to eat with your one free hand? Lack of weight loss tells me...yes!

Do both of my kiddos feel loved? Happy? Resounding YES. The housework can continue to wait, crumbs continue to build, sheets can go one more week, and laundry can be left unfolded. If the kids are happy and loved, that is all that really matters to me.


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